Friday, April 22, 2005

Lord Pyro and Hoopergirl Performance

I am doing a performance with Anna also known as Hoopergirl. We are called the Breaking Point and we are an interactive dance troupe. We explore themes that deal with exploring the human consciousness and breaking free of limitations. We use interactive improvised music with dance and hoops.

We will be performing Friday, April 29th at

Collective Unconscious
279 Church St.
between Whyte and Franklin

Admission is $15 (drink is included)
showtime is 7:30

Their website is

We will also be performing Sunday May 1st at

135 West 41st
between 6th and Broadway
Admission: Free

Their website is

it is a benefit for The Connecticut Burn Foundation - a nonprofit organization children's summer camp foundation for severe burn victims and they are having a raffle for tickets to go to Burning Man! (a $250 value). Admission is free..

I love performing with Anna..she's dynamic, positive, a go getter and a dreamer



Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Breaks: The Soundtrack of our lives

Just came back from having dinner and talking with a friend of mine I just met about music. I enjoyed it because it was the the first time in a longwhile that I was able to have an intellectual conversation about why I am a producer, what is my 'path' in life and what am I listen to. I often tend to saturate myself with whatever I am working on, so lately I have been saturating myself with breakbeats and hiphop.

Its funny how breaks have seem to have this magic about seems all of a sudden everyone is obsessed with them and even though I like it I am not quite sure why. They have been around forever so I dont quite get how people are talking about them as if they have just been created. Maybe its symbolic of the times we live in, the parties we go to...there are several breaks tribes on its the fact that my age group has the technology, the connections and the time to go the parties, meet and chill with the breaks Djs, and travel across the US for an amazing Breaks festival... Maybe I am fortunate to be in the midst of it and watching the craze. What I do know is that people are obsessed with dancing so anything that is making them dance and is not that four -to -the -floor rhythm is great..

The interesting thing about breaks is that its mostly the DJs who are popular and only the real aficianados know who the artists/producers are...Its like the difference between people who only like 'Another Brick in the Wall' versus people who like 'Wish You Were Here' or 'Ummagumma'.

I love the music the Lorin(Bassnectar )does...its more musical and melodic than a lot of the other artists I've heard...I also like BT(my personal idol)Evil 9(I saw them in Miami), Tipper(he's much more electronic), Hybrid, Nubreed, Junkie XL and SiBegg to name a few...I also like the Lawgiverz....I would like to hear more vocals and breaks mixed together....

Ive also been going back to oldskool hiphop and checking that out to get that feel..the hiphop feel is ver important because it is very grounding and ....well..I just like it!!!